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Netknight Designers Balcony Screens: The Ultimate Solution for Sun Control and Privacy

Netknight Designers is delighted to provide the world’s best-selling balcony screens, Phifer Balcony Screens. These screens are made with sun-control fabrics that efficiently reflect, absorb, and disperse sunlight, providing a comfortable and cozy living space. With the ability to cut off 80% of the heat and block harmful UV rays, these screens ensure that your home stays cool and protected from harmful rays. The opaque quality from the outside and translucent quality from the inside ensures 100% daytime privacy. These screens let natural light in while providing excellent outward visibility, allowing you to stay connected with the outside world. Get your hands on Phifer Balcony Screens now and transform your living space.

  • ZWhy Phifer Balcony Screens?
  • IWorld's Best-Selling Balcony Screens
  • IEnhances the Aesthetics of Your Balcony
  • ICuts off 80% of the Heat and Blocks Harmful UV Rays
  • IMade up of Sun-Control Fabrics for Efficient of Sunlight
  • IOffers 100% Daytime Privacy and Allowing Natural Light
  • ZPhifer's GALAXY 2.0
  • IIt features SunTex heavy-duty polyester fabrics
  • IAvailable in wall mount and ceiling mount installations
  • IGalax2.0 is easy to install and maintain for long-lasting
  • ISunTex fabric offers excellent heat and glare reduction
  • IComes in black and white frame color options

 10 Years warranty for Exterior Fabrics. Highly durable Heavy-duty balcony screens from PHIFER.

Colours Available

Suntex 80


Suntex 80


Suntex 80

Dark Bronze 96”

Suntex 80


Suntex 80


Suntex 80



Heat Protection

One of the salient features of Phifer Balcony Screens is that it is fabricated with a design that protects our spaces from UV radiation by cutting off 80% of the heat penetration.

Dust Reduction

Shielding a built space from pollution is the most important aspect of any building design and that is solved by simply installing Phifer Balcony Screens in the balconies.

Physical Barrier

By screening the balcony spaces, it is now easy to protect home spaces from the disturbance of birds & insects which is essential in urban living.

100% Privacy

The opaque from outside and translucent from the inside-quality of the Phifer Balcony Screens guarantees complete daytime privacy inside the living spaces.

High Visibility

Phifer Balcony Screens let natural light inside and provide excellent outward visibility allowing the occupant to have an absolute connection with the outer world.

Rain Resistant

Monsoons or thunderstorms and splattering of rainwater inside the built space are troublesome, which is now solved with Phifer Balcony Screens.

Available in both Motorised & Manual mode

Motorised Balcony Screens

The Motorised Phifer Balcony Screens can be controlled with a click on the remote control button. It is of great use, especially when you are using blinds for large or hard-to-reach areas, the remote control will give you easy and full control over the movement of your balcony screens.

Manual Balcony Screens

Manual Phifer Balcony Screens are operated manually with a removable handle by a manual crank system. It is an ideal option for smaller spaces like doors and windows. Manually operated Phifer Balcony Screens are simple to use and provide a cost-effective solution to sun control.

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