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Netknight Designers – Your One-Stop Shop for Phifer Mosquito Screens

We proudly offer Phifer Mosquito Screens, the world’s largest manufacturer of top-quality mosquito screens. Whether you’re in need of screens for your home, office, or marine vessel, Phifer Mosquito Screens are the perfect solution. With a wide range of options to choose from, including different colors, materials, and mesh types, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

At Netknight Designers, we understand the importance of having quality mosquito screens. That’s why we only offer the best from Phifer Mosquito Screens. We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative and cutting-edge solutions for their windows and doors, you can trust that your screens will provide long-lasting protection and durability.

  • ZNetknight's Fitments Collection
  • IWith 16 Different Fitment Types to Choose
  • IEach Fitments Can Have Customized Solutions
  • IMade With High-Quality Materials & Durability
  • IFitments are Designed To Be Easy to Install
  • IWith a Focus on Affordability & Functionality
  • ZHigh Definition Screening Solutions
  • IWith 10 Types of Screens With a High Definitions
  • IProtection From Mosquitoes and Annoying Insects
  • IScreens Offer Improved Functionality and Comfort
  • IOur Screens Can Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal
  • IEnhance the Trusted Quality and Commitments

A Tradition of Quality and Innovation. With over 69 years of experience, Phifer screens are expertly woven using the latest advancements in insect screening technology.



BetterVue insect screening is engineered to impart a sharp & brilliant outward view without compromising on strength and durability in the process.

Elite Screen

Elite Screen’s fine mesh facilitates superior airflow and insect protection. The stiff finish makes it ideal for roller and retractable screen systems.

Solar Screen

Solar Screens efficaciously reduces up to 65% of the sun’s heat and glare while providing an enjoyable outward view of the surrounding.


Aluminum Insect Screen

Aluminum screens produced with Phifer’s electrodeposition paint system offer the best outward visibility, durability, and excellent weathering characteristics.

SsVue Stainless Steel

ssVue is similar to SeeVue but differs in the increased thickness of wire diameter. The mesh is tougher and sturdier in touch and feel.

Bronze Screen

Bronze Screen’s bright copper color weathers to a beautiful dark bronze finish over time. It revives the elegant charm and nostalgia of past years while protecting.


Pet Screen

Pet Screens are primarily designed for domestic pets. The Polyvinyl coating makes it tear and puncture-resistant against damages inflicted by dogs and cats.

Tuff Screen

Tuff Screens are three times stronger and exceptionally durable than regular mesh. Best suited for retractable windows, it can withstand rough and tough handling.

Pleated Screen

Pleated Screens are extremely durable and adds beauty to the interior. The pleats seamlessly fold and unfold on sliding which is best suited for large openings.

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